Rainy walks and rainy thoughts


Well, this was us tonight.  Only minus the umbrella, and add two dogs.

Lately, Jesse and I have been going 100 mph.  And we are so blessed to be able to help as many people as we do.  God has absolutely provided relationships with extraordinary people we get to “do life” with and impact on a rest-of-our-lives basis.  And although we realize that this pace is only temporary – a short sprint in an ultra-marathon – we’ve been a little off balance.  Now, we see each other every day for most of the day, but sometimes we miss the Connection part.  And, in my person opinion, there’s just nothing better for connecting with my prince charming, than a walk.  With our two furry friends.

For me, there’s just something about a walk that is so serene.  So “It is well with my soul”.  It’s a chance where nothing – not even the phones, computers, food, the soft comfy couch, or even the running laundry can distract us from each other.  Honestly, it’s a chance to communicate with each other what’s been on our minds lately.  It’s  a chance for us to be transparent with our thoughts, our dreams, and our worries.  Nothing beats it.

Anyway, tonight was that perfect opportunity for a walk.  The sun was going down, it was cooling off, and of course the dogs were eager to go out.


We started out down the street and started talking.  For a while, we were so caught up in the conversation, we didn’t hear the thunder in the distance.  About halfway through the walk, the drops began to fall.  The warm summer rain fell in big slow drops.  All I could think of during the quieter last quarter of our walk was the song by Jesus Culture, “Let it Rain.” It was a gentle reminder of God’s blessings He continues to rain down on us.

I can’t help but think our Heavenly Father honors the time we slow down to connect with our spouses, our family, our friends, and especially those who are hurting around us.  I was meditating on James 3 :17 earlier tonight.   I pray that each of us live lives that are pure, peaceable, gentle, willing to yield, full of mercy and good fruits, without partiality, and without hypocrisy.  I believe that’s what the “good life” looks like.  The Lord knows it won’t be easy, but if we can slow down long enough to love on the people He puts in our paths along the way, that’s when I believe those “good fruit that will last” will be seen in the legacy we leave on this earth.

Finally, there’s a great quote from a man I wish I had the opportunity to meet while he was on this earth, because I am living proof of the vision he had for this country, but whom I know I will celebrate with when I get to heaven, Charlie Ragus:

“Lord, please don’t let my life be easy.  Let it be worth it and let me be up for it, but let me face my challenges head on.”

I pray that your life isn’t easy, but that it’s worth it. And I encourage you to take a walk once in a while to share your life with someone close to you, and to thank God for the many blessings he pours on us, like the rain.

2 responses to “Rainy walks and rainy thoughts

  1. Amen, dear daughter. It sometimes takes a rainy day to remind us of Who is in control of our lives. With Jesus eyes, you can see. Keep on the journey, like Mary, you have chosen wisely and it will not be taken from you. Blessing to you both, Mom.

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