The Final Countdown…

Whoo-hoo!  We are 6 DAYS from D-Day (Delivery/Due Date)!  November 4th is the official date the Dr.s think Daniel will come.  However, we ALL know that babies can’t read calendars!  So it’s an any-day-now type of anticipation.  I am so excited.  And I think we are as ready as we will ever be!

That being said, I think it’s a great time to write about my memories of the 3rd Trimester.  If I wait too much longer, y’all will be expecting birth photos instead of cute maternity photos!

Baby’s Progress

Today, at 39 weeks + 1 day, our baby app says Daniel is the size of a Watermelon!  When you see my belly, you will agree!  But I prefer to think of him as a Pumpkin.  We are only 2 days out from Halloween, after all!  Today in ESL at church, we celebrated Halloween and Fall Festival.  Here’s my sweet pumpkin…


Daniel continues to kick and move around daily.  I love when he gets hiccups, because then my whole belly shakes.  It’s like feeling a slow heartbeat pulse through your tummy, but only lasts 5-10 minutes max.  He has also gained lots of weight over the last 12 weeks!  He’s gone from about 2 lbs to about 7 lbs!  Amazing, when you think about it!  His lungs, heart, organs, etc are fully developed.

We got to see an ultrasound a few weeks ago, and we could watch him as he “practices” breathing amniotic fluid.  It’s so sweet to watch his ribs and lungs breathe in and out!  According to the ultrasound tech’s measurements, he is measuring in the 52nd percentile, which is fantastic!  (Babies that are too small or too large can have different health problems, so him being right in the middle is just perfect!)

Contractions?  Maybe, but I don’t think so.  For the last couple weeks, I’ve had some tightening of my tummy for some period of time.  I never really feel them start or stop, but if I think about it during the tight part, I’ll tell you “yes, my stomach must be having a contraction now.”  But really, nothing to write home about.  No crazy painful contractions or even irregular Braxton-Hicks here! The good news, however, is that yesterday my Dr. measured me at 80% effacement, 1.5 cm dilated.  So SOMETHING good must be happening!

How I’m Feeling

Ok, so these are not my cankles...but sometimes I feel like they're this big!

Ok, so these are not my cankles…but sometimes I feel like they’re this big!

I have been feeling fantastic.  The biggest issue I’ve had is with swelling of my feet and ankles.  I think this is hereditary, because my mom also had issues with that.  The summer heat + travelling + not slowing down much didn’t help with that, but over the last few weeks, I have been feeling so much better!  I may still have cankles from time-to-time, but they don’t hurt, and I’ve gotten used to them.  The one thing that has been more difficult is that none, I mean NONE of my cute shoes fit anymore!  Between swelling and the hormone relaxin, really the only shoes I’ve been able to wear are flip flops.  So I have continued to rock the flip flops!  And pray that some day I’ll be able to fit back into my cute pumps and boots again!  Maybe, maybe not, right moms?

My energy levels have been fine.  I am nowhere near as drained as I felt the 1st trimester, where it seemed like I needed a nap every single afternoon.  Crazy!  I still take naps now here and there, but it’s usually because I pushed myself too hard the day before, or I didn’t sleep well.

I have only had a handful of nights where I slept poorly.  Mostly it was because of back pain!  I know many people say the back pain continues to get worse and worse as you approach your due date, but I think ever since Daniel has “dropped”, I’ve been sleeping great!  Although I do freeze Jesse out at night sometimes…like last night.  I remember him asking me, “how are you not shivering? Get under the blankets!”  No thanks, sweetie 🙂


Nope.  I’m still pretty boring when it comes to cravings.  I have continued to eat lots of protein, fruits, veggies, meal replacement bars (my favorites), protein shakes, and, of course, milk.  I will contribute this to nesting, but lately I have been cooking a LOT.  And Jesse has been so happy!  I’ve also been cooking double dinners so that I can freeze half our meal for after Daniel comes.  I know I will have my mother and sister-in-love Raven here for a while after Daniel comes, so I definitely won’t starve, but I have been enjoying preparing a few meals to feed my favorite guys.  And me.  Because a nursing mom can’t go hungry. Ever!  Haha.  I have also been loving experimenting with a new Pumpkin Spice protein shake.  It is soooo good.  Today, I think I’ll make “ice cream” out of it.  And maybe muffins.  I can’t wait.  I love everything pumpkin!


I will talk more about specific workouts in a later blog, but since I feel still great, I am still active!  Throughout the third trimester, I have continued to focus more on strength than anything else.  Especially my core, since I know I’ll need it to push Daniel out!  Here’s a quick pic from me at the gym around 33 weeks:

Sweet husband told me to stop letting my belly sag.  Lol...thanks, DEAR.

Sweet husband told me to stop letting my belly sag. Lol…thanks, DEAR.

One thing I have been extra sensitive to is getting enough fluids!  Especially with 80+ degree workout sessions, that’s something I have really had to work on.  I drink between 1.25-1.5 gallons of fluid every day.  The alternative?  Well, my Dr. threatened me with induction if my amniotic fluid got too low.  I of course do NOT want that to happen. Soooooo….chug a lug!


Earlier this trimester, we really traveled a LOT because we knew my “no-fly-zone” was coming up around mid-September.  So, we enjoyed trips to Atlanta GA, Nashville TN, Montgomery AL, Houston TX, Vero Beach FL, and Orange Beach, AL.  Yes. We LOVE to travel!  It’s been a little weird the last few months, since we have been in Jacksonville more consecutive nights than our entire marriage. What?!  Seriously, though, it was great to see so many of our friends!  My friends CJ and Meleisa Stockel and Brother & Sister -in-Love Raven and Casey Walsh threw us a great baby shower in Atlanta.  We loved it and had such a great time!

IMG_2461IMG_2510 IMG_2502 IMG_2518  IMG_2459  We have truly been blessed with so many amazing friends and family in our lives.  Words can’t even express what it means to have so many great people supporting us at such a time as this.


At this time, I think we have most everything we need to at least get started with Daniel!  The room is really starting to look great.  My Father-in-Love, George Reynolds came up and painted the whole baby room and it is adorable. He also painted and hung Daniel’s name on the wall.  (By the way, if you’re local to the Port Orange, FL area and need a handyman, he is phenomenal. Check him out! ) I love it!  Then, my mother and grandmother made some beautiful quilts to decorate the room and wrap Daniel with love.  My sweet friends Kari and Barry Boatner sent the adorable crib bedding that you see here as well.  Aside from that, we have lots of diapers, tons of sweet clothes, and a whole host of other “necessities” like breastfeeding supplies, swaddles, play mat, stroller, car seat, etc!  It’s amazing how many things you need for a new baby!  I think we’re going to need a bigger house!  (Plans are for next year. More on that later.)

My FIL George, painting Daniel's room!

My FIL George, painting Daniel’s room!

20141029_145350 (1)

My sweet grandmother embroidered all the animals.  I love it!

My sweet grandmother embroidered all the animals. I love it!

Gorgeous, right??  And that's a quilt, not a painting.  Clearly my mother's skills were not passed down to me.  But she is unbelievable and I LOVE it.

Gorgeous, right?? And that’s a quilt, not a painting. Clearly my mother’s skills were not passed down to me. But she is unbelievable and I LOVE it.

The crib, set up by my handsome hubby.

The crib, set up by my handsome hubby.

Ok, that is all for now.  I promise to write more, especially in the near future.  There have been so many fun things I want to share with you! I plan on writing about

  • My favorite recipes I’ve been making to freeze for Daniel’s arrival
  • My new favorite book that has taught me HOW to pray scriptures
  • Workouts I’ve done during 3T of pregnancy
  • What I learned from reading and doing The Best Yes book by Lysa Terkeurst
  • Our search for the perfect scripture for Daniel
  • Our amazing maternity photo session with Kristi Campbell of Hidden Hopes Photography
  • and so much more…

Please Pray!

I don’t know the exact date or hour, but Daniel will be coming SOON!  Pray for us for a healthy, safe, and FAST delivery!  Pray that all will go according to God’s perfect plan and that I can stand in the peace of that truth.  Please pray that our families have safe travels when they come to meet this little man!  And pray that Daniel will grow up to be a compassionate warrior who seeks God with his whole heart and desires to do His will.

P.S. If you want to know why I love my husband so much and why he’s going to be the best daddy, read this post from his blog,…


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