Life after positive (+)

There are so many things to share from this spring after we found out we were pregnant, so I’ll try to catch up!

When I told Jesse we were pregnant (full story here), we were both so overjoyed.  That afternoon we took a blood test to confirm the home test, and it was again positive!  My thoughts were racing from one thought to another it was hard to concentrate that week!  We were just so happy and beaming all the time.

That weekend, we were scheduled to take a trip to Ft Worth, TX for a Leadership training.  I loved seeing so many of our amazing friends from all over the country, and a handful of them knew we had just gone through IVF, so we got to TELL THEM IN PERSON and hug and get teary-eyed together!  It was so exciting!  We got filled up being with our team, hearing incredible speakers, and all weekend I was dreaming of how great a future our little one would have surrounded by champion people. Here are some pictures of us at Leadership School.  And I’ve got to be honest, I have the hunkiest husband!  He looks sooooo good dressed up!





These are some of our friends, Kathy and Brandon Eiff (who are also expecting just 2 weeks ahead of us!), and Jonathan and Danielle Butler (who writes an amazing blog and inspired me to start my own –

A few weeks after we got home, we got to go to Cabo San Lucas with, again, some of our closest friends!  It was an awesome incentive trip we ran for our team and we had a BLAST!  Beautiful weather, beautiful friends, and such a great time.  At that time, I was 6 weeks pregnant, so we still hadn’t had the ultrasound to find out if we had one…or two…beautiful babies to look forward to!


The day after we got back from vacation, March 18th, we had our first ultrasound!  Our Dr. confirmed that we had one beautiful baby.  We got to see the heart beating (which was mind-blowing) and our little 7-week gestation baby looked like a gummy bear (Dr. Duffy’s words, lol!)  We just were excited and thankful that everything looked healthy.  Now, if we had two little babies in there, we of course would have been just as excited, but after reflection, I’m happy to start with just ONE baby for our first go-around!  Maybe someday we’ll have the fun of twins! 🙂


Here’s the first picture we got of our little Blueberry. Side note –> If you’ve been pregnant recently, you probably have all the phone apps that tell you the development of your baby, how big it is, etc week by week.  Well, of COURSE I downloaded one three different apps to help me know what was going on with my baby!  The thing I love the most about these apps is that they relate the size of your baby to various fruits and vegetables.  And of course I love produce and babies, so it was great all-around!  Haha.  Anyway, the first time we saw our baby, I told Jesse it was the size of a Blueberry.  And so that name has STUCK and for the last 20 weeks, we have been calling it “Our little blueberry” regardless of the size it actually resembles.  Case in point: today, I’m 20 weeks pregnant while I write this and my app says my baby is the size of a small cantaloupe.  Doesn’t matter.  We still talk to it as Blueberry!

Our second ultrasound was on March 31st, right before 9 weeks.  On that ultrasound, we saw the heartbeat again, and watched as our tiny baby’s arms and legs wiggled around on the screen.  So precious!  Also, we heard our baby’s heartbeat for the first time.  It was fast!  178 beats/minute!

I think that sometimes God’s blessings follow the saying “When it rains, it pours!”  While we were celebrating with a few friends and family our little miracle that was growing, we finally got to meet my SIL Raven and BIL Casey’s sweet little miracle!  One April 7th, we finally met Grace Victory Walsh.  She was born 6 lbs, 11 oz and 18 in long.  It was so fun to be there at the hospital with Raven, meeting our very first niece.  Praise God she was healthy and had a (relatively) smooth delivery.  Raven was a trooper for sure!



Next post I will tell you how we told our great big circle of friends that we have been blessed with!  It was a night I will always remember.  There was lots of tears, lots of smiles and congratulations, and of course…lots of bear hugs!


In the meantime, remember that TODAY is the day the the Lord has made.  Let’s always remember to rejoice in each day as it comes, and to thank God daily for the many blessings he brings into our lives.

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