Positively Fearless?

Am I Positively Fearless?  Or do I only aspire to be Positively Fearless?  The jury is still out.  Some days I feel like the people in this picture, and some days I don’t. This is the first of what I hope is many posts about faith, family, friends, food, fitness, and fearlessness.

I’ve been mulling around the idea of writing a blog for some time now.  It’s not that I necessarily think my life is interesting enough that people would want to read about it, but through God’s grace, I’ve started to gain certain perspectives on life that I think will be helpful to others.  It is my hope that you simply gain value from reading my thoughts and experiences.

I suppose I should let you know a little bit about me, since this is the first post and all.  My husband, Jesse, and I live in a spacious condo about 15 min from the beach in sunny FL.  Well, I should say Henry, Jesse, and I live in a spacious condo about 15 min from the beach in sunny FL.  We don’t have kids…yet…but we do have an adorable 6ish-year-old deaf pit bull (below) I’m sure you’ll be hearing more about him, as he’s my constant companion.  Even now as I write this post, he’s on his bed in my office looking at me with those big brown eyes.

Henry, our big, ferocious, scary pit bull :)

Jesse and I work from home, help people get healthy and debt-free, are in love with Crossfit, and love to travel.  Especially to beaches 🙂

My stud husband, and Henry

I also love to cook healthy, and Jesse loves to eat healthy.  We really were made for each other, I think.  I also love teaching.  It doesn’t even matter what subject necessarily.  In fact, I think I like bouncing around a bit to my different passions so I don’t get bored.  Currently, I’m teaching Biology at a local University about 8 hrs a week. I am also teaching/leading a Bible Study class at our church.  I am teaching people how to invest in others and build leaders.  I teach people how to work out and cook healthy.  I think when it all boils down, I love pouring into people and helping them become better versions of themselves.  I especially have a heart for helping people become positively fearless in the face of all the dream-slayers in their lives.  If someone has a dream or a goal, I am the person who encourages and challenges them to stay on track and reach it!

Today I want to leave you with a little encouragement I got from my favorite devotional today, Jesus Calling: It’s talking about success, and why we need to solely depend on God because without him, we cannot live out our true calling.

“True dependence is not simply asking Me (God) to bless what you have decided to do.  It is coming to Me with an open mind and heart, inviting Me to plant My desires within you.”

It’s my desire today that you start dreaming again.  God has designed you with specific passions and desires.  Ask God to open your eyes to what he is calling you to do.  And pray that he will give you a Positively Fearless heart to go get it.


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